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TAKEWARI 通貨換算機能付きAmazonの世界横断検索システム

I decide to develop the cross-searchable website of and for European users.
I already made TAKEWARI, the worldwide amazon cross-searchable website, but this is only for Japanese people.

the other day I talked with Natsu, who developing iPhone app at Germany.
She said many of Germany people use amazon service more than Japanese and they use not only German amazon ( but also French amazon ( very frequently.
So, maybe they want to compare the price.

Language have not to be a limitation for people to use other county’s amazon, although in Japan this is the most difficult thing.

I google the website compare the French and German but can not find.
SO, there are chance to make this.

I want to make this website using correct English, French, and Germany.

Also I have to study SEO for europian countries.
I notice I don’t know famous search engine of these countries, famous online bookmark like Hatena in Japan, famous bbs like 2ch in Japan.

Maybe TAKEWARI take over it’s name.
Mm,,,, “take” is very general word so is it not good way to use???
But TAKE have ZEN. and many people like ZEN in europe I think. hehe